On-demand Training

ISTDP-North offers a wide range of seminars and workshops to help clinicians develop key therapeutic skills in attachment based psychodynamic interventions. There is a clear emphasis on Attachment Based ISTDP techniques.


Group Relations (Trailer)

These series of webinars are relevant to people from any professional background. They are designed as a space for inquiry into the attachment and psychodynamic patterns of organizations that provide care and support for vulnerable individuals. The webinars are be led by Dr Daniel Anderson (Consultant Psychiatrist & Group Analyst) and co-facilitated by Dr Javier Malda Castillo (Clinical Psychologist & Group Analytic Practitioner).

This video is available as part of the series – £50.64

Attachment Based Psychodynamic Psychotherapy (Trailer)

This seminar will be particularly attractive to trainee psychologists, psychiatrists, assistant psychologists, counsellors and/or other mental health professionals. This seminar is also open for undergraduate students and/or members of the general public who wish to get a basic understanding of modern psychodynamic therapy practices.

This video is available as part of the series – £25.42