Attachment & Psychodynamic Perspectives on Self-Criticism: A Clinical Seminar

A clinical video presentation to illustrate the role of self-criticism in therapy. A theoretical framework for formulation & intervention

About this Event

Part II.

This seminar follows from the clinical seminar of 17th February 2021 under the same name. Although the topic is the same, the seminar will include different clinical presentations so attendees of the February event are welcome to attend.

Self-criticism, self-accusation and shame are common difficulties encountered in the therapeutic encounter. Such reactions are particularly common amongst trauma survivors and often appear recurrently in therapeutic conversations. If not handled effectively and competently, self-criticism can be a significant obstacle for the therapeutic process. In this seminar, I will provide with a clear theoretical understanding of self-criticism from an attachment based psychodynamic perspective.

The seminar will cover:

-Clarify the role of self-criticism and its relationship to attachment strategies.

-Understanding specific therapeutic techniques to work with severe self-criticism, shame and self-blame.

-Employing a clinical video presentation from a therapeutic session to ilustrate the points described above with precision, clarity and moment to moment attention.

This seminar is only suitable for registered clinicians working in mental health or allied fields. The seminar is also suitable for trainees or professionals (i.e. assistant psychologists) working under the clinical supervision of clinicians registered with an accrediting body. Attendees will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement in order to participate.

*Refund policy: Please note that the tickets for this event are non-refundable. Before purchasing tickets check that you meet the criteria to attend.

Date & Time:

31st March 2021 18:00 pm UK time


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