Emotions their Neurobiology & Attachment: the neuroscience of therapy

​Understanding the neurophysiological processes of emotion and anxiety and how they can be assessed and tracked through bodily pathways

About this Event

The content of this seminar shares some similarities to the one I delivered for the British Psychological Society (BPS) on 6th October 2020. Nevertheless, this seminar will also have some additions and changes to such presention. Overall this is a seminar with a specific focus on psychotherapeutic practice and the neuroscientific principles that underlie such practice.

This will be a theoretical weminar and therefore video clinical material will not be presented. As a result of this, and given that there are no issues with confidentiality both mental health professionals as well as professionals from other psychology and related fields are welcome to attend. The weminar will cover the following aspects:

  • Learn the key component neurobiological processes of anxiety as well as emotional regulation.
  • Understand the role of attachment in emotional processing and anxiety symptom formation
  • The seminar will draw particularly from theoretical ideas of Habib Davanloo’s (founder of ISTDP) metapsychology of the unconscious as well as other theoretical propositions of attachment and psychoanalytic schools of thought.

Date & Time:

Fri, 23 October 2020
18:15 – 20:15 BST


Online Event


£13.52 – £19.99