Organizational Consultancy

Organizational Consultancy offer a confidential, supportive space in which practitioners can come together and reflect upon aspects of their work and practice.

Reflective Practice Groups

Theory may be touched upon, but these groups are primarily designed to facilitate an open discussion of clinical dilemmas, difficulties, and problem areas, as well as a sharing of what practitioners have found useful in their work. In addition, reflective practice groups offer a structured forum in which participants may process unresolved counter-transferential issues that have arisen in clinical practice. In summary, reflective practice groups offer participants the opportunity to address the following areas:

Clinical Dilemmas

Reflective Practice Groups offer a space in which you can explore problem areas within your practice.

Clinical Successes

Reflective Practice Groups offer the opportunity to share key points from clinical successes with colleagues.

Technical & Theoretical Questions

Reflective Practice Groups are a great place to discuss technical and theoretical aspects of your clinical work.

Counter-Transference Issues

Reflective Practice Groups are a safe, confidential space in which to explore the complicated counter-transference issues that can sometimes arise in your work.

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