Intensive Short Term
Dynamic Psychotherapy

Dr Javier Malda Castillo

Clinical Psychologist (DClinPsy., MSc., BSc)

Are you suffering with unwanted thoughts, feelings or behaviours?

Psychological therapy can help. Having the opportunity to talk things through can make a tremendous difference to your everyday sense of well-being and health. Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP), the approach to therapy that I use, is evidence-based, safe and emotion-focused. ISTDP is well researched and proven to be effective for a wide range of psychological issues. It can help you to make faster progress towards your goals.

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We are the first ISTDP service in the
North of England providing individual, group and couples psychological intervention.

Dr Javier is founder and director of ISTDP north as well as a Clinical Psychologist

I am Dr Javier Malda Castillo…

…a Clinical Psychologist based in Altrincham. Find out about the different therapies that I practice, my specialty Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy (ISTDP), as well as the other services that I offer, my mission, my methods, and what you can expect.

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Training with us

ISTDP-North offers a wide range of seminars and workshops to help clinicians develop key therapeutic skills in attachment based psychodynamic interventions. There is a clear emphasis on Attachment Based ISTDP techniques.

Working for us

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