ISTDP-North Complaint Procedure

This document explains the steps that the company will take when receiving a complaint from users of our services, organizations or members of the public. This document does not address complaints made by staff of ISTDP-North or prospective job applicants. The current procedure has been written so that ISTDP-North can be accountable to the people it provides a service for. Thus, we commit to investigate all complaints and to take appropriate action and redress if appropriate.

The Process of Making a Complaint

Before taking the action of any formal complaint, we invite complainants to discuss their concerns with Dr Javier Malda Castillo.

Following such conversation, and if a formal complaint is to be made we kindly request you to do so by writing an email to

What will happen?

  • We pledge to acknowledge your complaint within 5 working days and begin relevant investigative processes.
  • ISTDP North aims to attempt to resolve the complaint by all the means possible.
  • ISTDP North will communicate the outcome to the complainant through writing, including redress if appropriate.
  • ISTDP North will respond to a complaint being made within 20 days.
  • ISTDP North will give you the possibility of discussing the outcome of the complaint verbally with Dr Javier Malda Castillo


If the Director finds that the complaint is upheld redress will be offered to the complainant. In deciding the level of redress, the Director will make their decision based on the facts of each case and the loss or inconvenience incurred by the complainant.

Options include:

  • Apologies from ISTDP North & company director
  • A commitment to the development of policies if needed to address the issues that have been brought up as a result of the complaint.
  • Agreement to undertake a specific type of work as agreed

Monitoring Complaints

All complaints will be securely stored and monitored as per the privacy policy of ISTDP North.